The Full Bloom Makeup difference…

The Full Bloom DifferenceThe keys to a fabulous new look are in learning a few new techniques, and discovering the right products to use.



We have completed makeovers for hundreds of women of all ages, and from all walks of life. We know how to choose products and techniques that will work specifically for YOU. Additionally, we have researched and “road tested” hundreds of products…so that you don’t have to!

Full Bloom Makeup tutorials and workshops introduce you to products that perform brilliantly for YOUR face.  You can feel confident that we will teach you which products to choose and how to use them – so that you always get great results.



We do not sell or endorse products – either as part of our consultations or as a separate business. We are not affiliated with specific brands or products. The products we choose for your face are those that we believe will be the most complimentary, and perform best, for YOU specifically.



Full Bloom Makeup offers you many years of industry experience, a wealth of tips and tricks, and a private, fully-personalised approach. Our allegiance is to you – not to a cosmetic brand. We will work with you, focus on your needs, and find a look that you love…that you can then recreate yourself every day.